Lucky Goldfish

Gift lucky goldfish to your friends and family.

Price:   1100

Product Description

Goldfish are Good Luck Charms!  It reduces stress and brings an adorable smile on your loved ones face. There is a tradition in Southern Europe for married men to give their wives a goldfish on their one year anniversary to bless the couple with good luck and fortune. Beautiful, mesmerizing and always attractive fish aquariums have high importance in Vastu Shashtra. According to Researchers, high blood-pressure, stress, anxiousness and many more diseases are cured by staring at tranquil beauty of fish aquariums. They also assert that if a child suffering from anxiety observes a fish aquarium for prolonged period of time then he gets healed early. Gift your friends or family the loving fishy friend, along with the goldfish we will give you “how to take care of me” manual.

What’s Included:

·         A pair of gold fish.

·         Jar with pebbles.

·         Fish food for 3 months.

·         1 week replacement guarantee if fish dies.

·         Aeration system.

You Should know:

·         You can upgrade your fish bowl to a fancier glass bowl or even a fish tank with aeration and filter system.

·         There will be extra charges for upgradation.

·         This experience will be delivered in Delhi NCR only.

·         It cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

·         Booking will depend upon subject to availability and you will get the confirmation via email.

·         Anything that is not specified is chargeable and mentioned images are just for the reference only.

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