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Author: Bhawna Taneja

Potential of an Unwanted Gift Card


While we may enjoy giving and receiving Gifts Cards, it may happen that an unwanted Brand or stores Gift Card gets forgotten in some corner of the room or gets misplaced. Some Gift Cards can be useful and some not so much! If you have a Gift Card that has not much use for you, just login to www.Sellebrate.in and Sell it. Yes, now you can Sell or Exchange your unwanted Gift Cards online! You will receive cash in your Paytm wallet after selling your Gift Card, which you can … Continue Reading



If you are a working person in India, then you must obviously be knowing the importance of a rapport with your office mates. You tend to spend a majority of the time of the day with them and they become more or less like a family for you in some time. Gifting in such kind of a relationship sometimes becomes complicated because you do not exactly know the likes and dislike of the person very closely. Thus, Sellebrate gift cards are the best option to give to your colleagues in … Continue Reading

Bollywood Movies To Look Out For This Year


With the commencement of 2017, an amazing line up of Bollywood films also begins. Following are the most awaited films of the year 2017: RAEES Ever since the trailer of this movie was released in 2015, everyone has been waiting eagerly for the movie. Unlike his conventional roles of a romantic in his previous movies, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen playing the role of an illegal alcohol trader who lives his life the way he wants. The lead cast of the film also includes Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani Bollywood … Continue Reading