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Author: Nidhi



La la la la la.. Winter is receding and Spring is finally around the corner! Happy, aren’t you? New clothes will help you celebrate the most buoyant, elevating and- for some people- the most romantic of all seasons of the year. Spring is a time when not only nature but also fashion is reborn. Get rid of the bulky overcoats and thick sweaters of winter and let the sunny side of your personality shine bright with versatile and trendy spring clothes. Go outdoors and soak yourself in the sun for … Continue Reading



A new baby born in the family and is its baby shower approaching soon? Are you confused what to gift a kid and struggling to buy baby products in the market? If your answer is yes to even one of the above questions, this post is meant for you! A gift card is a stored-value money card that is prepaid and is usually issued by a retailer or bank to be used as a substitute for cash for purchasing within a particular store or brand. The trend of giving gift … Continue Reading

When your Taste is too Expensive, buy gift card online


Before I even thought to buy gift card online, here is how my shopping story went. I am a young professional, which means I have just started out in my job and shopping gets me very excited. While my financial independence may make you think that buying expensive things is easy, let me tell you that its an illusion. Any 20 something knows that this phase is just the beginning of your professional career, and the height of your shopping career, which is a fatal combination, that threatens to drain you … Continue Reading

Gift Cards and Secret Santa


  If there is 1 festival that I look forward to the most, probably even more than Diwali, it is Christmas. Now, I know that may be an unpopular choice but if one thinks about it, Christmas is the best festival there is. Firstly, there are no crackers, only lit up decorations and trinkets hanging from the Christmas tree. And who doesn’t love some good plum cake and fruit pies. Moreover, when I think of Christmas, I think of all my favourite movies from my childhood. I am talking about … Continue Reading

Festive Gifting


The first thing your family asks you over the phone, when you are living away from them are, “When are you coming back?” and “Are you eating on time?” But these questions are not the most important ! What your family really means to ask is whether you are missing them or do you miss being a part of the tightknit family ! Yes, the answer to all these questions will always be a big YES. But that desire becomes most apparent and strong during the festive season ! The … Continue Reading