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Author: Supriya

15 Places to explore in Rishikesh!


Summer is about to finish and again long weekend is heading,wondering what you can do in coming holidays.Pack your shoes,compass and binoculars and head to Rishikesh for an ideal weekend filled with outdoor adventures, spiritual attractions, picturesque Hills, and much more. Check out interesting places/activities in Rishikesh to suit every mood—energetic or lazy, self-indulgent or adventurous. Raft: Enjoy a fabulous day rafting at Shivpuri for 3 hours.On this amazing course you will be enthralled with the view of sandy beaches oak and pine trees various ashrams and more. Bonfire at Jungle Camp: Quality time … Continue Reading

Foodies love to Sellebrate


I am a food fanatic, an unapologetic one. Don’t mistake me for just another person who claims to love food, no, because I take food very seriously. When I accompany my friends to restaurants, I make sure that I don’t go with Instagram addicts who would rather post 10 photos of a trendy meal which quickly gets cold than relishing a meal when it’s hot and fresh. In case you were wondering if I am foodie enough, the above should answer your questions. That being said, I enjoy all kinds … Continue Reading



 Travelling. It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.              -Ibn Battuta Taking a break once in a while is helpful to help you sail through life, and travel is a perfect idea for the same. Sellebrate brings you travel gift cards- physical gift cards as well as e- gift cards at a discounted price to get your tickets booked economically. We have listed below 5 reasons for why should one travel and inculcate wanderlust in oneself. Have a look at them. … Continue Reading

Supriya Story


Hey, I am Supriya. I am the younger one of my parents 2 kids. Yes, I know you are assuming what that means. But, No ! No hand me downs for me ! Growing up, I was often the apple of  the eye for  everyone. I always got gifted brand new things. My aunts would shower me with toys and faux jewellery. My uncles would bring me imported chocolates and branded clothes. Infact, I would like to shamelessly admit that, I grew up a pampered child. I say that not … Continue Reading