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When your Taste is too Expensive, buy gift card online


Before I even thought to buy gift card online, here is how my shopping story went. I am a young professional, which means I have just started out in my job and shopping gets me very excited. While my financial independence may make you think that buying expensive things is easy, let me tell you that its an illusion. Any 20 something knows that this phase is just the beginning of your professional career, and the height of your shopping career, which is a fatal combination, that threatens to drain you of all your savings if you are not careful enough.

A few days ago, I noticed that a colleague of mine, Priya, was sporting a brand new, expensive looking purse. Priya has always been a very trendy and fashionable person. She upgrades her wardrobe regularly, wears the latest lip tints and sports the latest smart phone every once in a while. As opposed to what you think by now, Priya doesn’t depend on her parents for an allowance. All her purchases are facilitated by her own paycheck, which is not too hefty considering that she is a 24 year old.

When I asked her, how she affords to stay so stylish even when its so early in her career, she let me in on a big secret! It turns out she is just a smart shopper. Priya’s big secret is; just buy gift card online. She explained to me that instead of spending cash or even shopping with her plastic money, she has instead started to opt for a medium that is completely agile. This medium is Sellebrate.in She explained to me how she first purchases Gift Cards of higher value (eg: Rs 2000) at much lower costs ( Rs 1500) on this website. She chooses to buy Gift Cards of her favorite brands like MAC, PVR, Pantaloons etc, which are listed on Sellebrate. She also gets additional benefit in her online wallet by referring her friends on Sellebrate. All she has to do is invite a friend and she gets Rs 100 in her wallet instantly when they register. Moreover, if she changes her mind about a Gift Card, she can simply sell it or exchange it for another one on Sellebrate.

Regardless to say, after she suggested that I buy gift card online, I paid the website a visit at https://www.sellebrate.in/buy-gift-cards and was amazed by how many brands I could see there. So far I have already bought 2 Gift Cards and intend to buy a few more for my winter shopping list. I have also invited 4 of my friends, who are equally delighted by the website, through the Sellebrate referral program. I am actually enjoying shopping now and feel less pressured about my spending habits.