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This blog post is for all the tech savvies out there! With every year, comes new gadgets and we know that you crave to try them all. We know that your love for technology is surreal. Thus, we bring to you a list of top 4 gadgets which are anticipated to be launched in 2017 so that you may brace yourself for the same! 1. Samsung Galaxy S8 The launch of Samsung Galaxy S in the spring of 2017 would be a chance for the company to make up for … Continue Reading

Supriya Story


Hey, I am Supriya. I am the younger one of my parents 2 kids. Yes, I know you are assuming what that means. But, No ! No hand me downs for me ! Growing up, I was often the apple of  the eye for  everyone. I always got gifted brand new things. My aunts would shower me with toys and faux jewellery. My uncles would bring me imported chocolates and branded clothes. Infact, I would like to shamelessly admit that, I grew up a pampered child. I say that not … Continue Reading