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Festive Gifting



The first thing your family asks you over the phone, when you are living away from them are, “When are you coming back?” and “Are you eating on time?” But these questions are not the most important ! What your family really means to ask is whether you are missing them or do you miss being a part of the tightknit family ! Yes, the answer to all these questions will always be a big YES. But that desire becomes most apparent and strong during the festive season !

The festive season at my home means lots of cleaning, cooking, shopping and most importantly, the grand gesture of Gift Exchanges. Like so many other Indian families, my family too finds itself stuck in the vicious circle of buying, giving, receiving and passing on gifts (last being the ones we don’t need or like). Now that I am away from home, I thought I would be left out of this yearly ritual. But that is far from the truth. The practice of giving and receiving gifts is in our DNA. So here I sit, surrounded by Mithai boxes, branded juice tetra packs, my favourite savouries and assorted chocolate packs. I know those are the ones I won’t be passing on. I think back to just 2 days ago, when I was buying gifts to give to my friends here and family back in another town. My choice of gifts is very different from theirs. I opted for buying Gift Cards this year. Honestly, it began with the laziness of not wanting to go out or browse over clustered websites to buy gift products. But it quickly turned into a genuinely convenient option with choices varying from food, travel, makeup, clothing to even electronics and child care brands. I could see brands that would suit each of my family members and friends. So I went with my gut, picked a brand for each of them and got a Gift Card for everyone I love.

It’s been 2 days since I browsed through Sellebrate.in and bought all these Gift Cards and so far, everyone I have given a Gift Card seems to be pleased with their Gift, except a few of course. So I told them that they can sell back their Gift Card on SELLEBRATE to buy any other brand’s Gift Card of their choice from this website. I think this is the most successful Gift Exchange I have seen in a long time. Because most people seem happy with their Gift Cards, I know my Gifts won’t be passed on to someone else. And that’s what the festive season is about, giving meaningful gifts and seeing happy faces.

So no festive blues for me this year, thanks to SELLEBRATE. I still miss my family a little, but hey, atleast they all will love their Gifts.