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Gift Cards and Secret Santa




If there is 1 festival that I look forward to the most, probably even more than Diwali, it is Christmas. Now, I know that may be an unpopular choice but if one thinks about it, Christmas is the best festival there is. Firstly, there are no crackers, only lit up decorations and trinkets hanging from the Christmas tree. And who doesn’t love some good plum cake and fruit pies. Moreover, when I think of Christmas, I think of all my favourite movies from my childhood. I am talking about Home Alone, The Grinch, Jingle All the Way and so on… But perhaps the best part about Christmas is exchanging Gifts. What is really special about Christmas Gifts, is that there are no boring exchanges like dry fruit or sweet boxes and crockery sets, that make you dread festive family get togethers! On Christmas, one has the opportunity to get quirky with their Gifting options and leave the juice tetra pack boxes behind.

In my family, the only acceptable gifts on Christmas have been ones that make everyone laugh out loud. You can expect something totally unexpected from all dinner guests. Last year, our uncle gifted our grandparents tickets to a movie show for ‘50 Shades of Grey’ as a joke. Everyone had a great laugh over it. Things might be a little different this year. Last week, while my family was catching up over a common whatsapp group, an aunt suggested that this year we make gift exchange a little more meaningful. Everyone instantly began to talk about what gifts they would like to give and receive. Needless to say, it was a long night of messaging and debating until I thought of an alternative to make everyone happy. A few days ago, I had heard from a friend about Sellebrate, a Gift Card brand that stocks Gift Cards of every popular brand you can imagine. I shared the link of the website on the whatsapp group with my family and explained that this year, why don’t we all give each other Gift Cards and let everyone choose their own gifts. After many discussions, especially among the elders, we all settled on the idea and decided to surprise each other with branded Gift Cards for Christmas. I have already bought a Reliance Digital card for my tech savvy uncle. I wonder who my Secret Santa will be and wonder what they have bought for me from Sellebrate.