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Making Friendships Stronger with Sellebrate


3rd dec1

It is often said that a lot can be known about a person by the circle of their friends. So, let me tell you something about my friends. I don’t have too many of them, just a couple of close ones, about 3 – 4 I would say, and all made at different phases in my life. We are so close that we often don’t give each other gifts on the other person’s birthday. For the longest time we have believed that gifts are a means of formality and they don’t mean much in the face of true friendships. Well, this was a popular notion in our circle after we had been witnessing some classic gift exchanges for a long time, gifts like greeting cards, chocolates, flowers and so on that were a little boring to all of us. Until recently, my best friend Ananya discovered a unique way to revive gifting in our group.

She discovered Sellebrate.In, a new age gifting website that lets users buy gift cards online. She introduced all of us to the brand we found that if we got gift cards for each other we wouldn’t be participating in any boring gift exchanges, in fact we would be gifting each other a choice, to buy whatever each of us wanted. The only difference would be that the value of the card would be paid for by the friend rather than yourself. From over hundreds of brands listed on Sellebrate, one could choose from food, fashion , travel, gadgets and so much more to gift to a friend depending on their choices. Infact, Sellebrate even takes it a step further. If our friends don’t like their gift card brand, they can opt for gift card exchange too, where they can first choose selling their gift card and the equivalent is transferred to their e wallet. Thinking about all the pros of this brand, we opted to include it in our little circle and now smart gifting and e gift vouchers are a part of our friendship.

Besides birthdays and celebrations we also chose to opt for this brand because of the current economic instability and cash crunch at the moment. We all agreed that regardless of festivities, Gift Cards would be an asset to have for each of us, and suddenly Sellebrate became not just a gifting option, but an investment, a necessity. Discount cards and e vouchers are a new and latest friend in our circle and have certainly strengthened our old friendships.