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This blog post is for all the tech savvies out there! With every year, comes new gadgets and we know that you crave to try them all. We know that your love for technology is surreal. Thus, we bring to you a list of top 4 gadgets which are anticipated to be launched in 2017 so that you may brace yourself for the same!

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S in the spring of 2017 would be a chance for the company to make up for the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. While much is not known about the new mobile phone, in an announcement Samsung said that it will have a Viv powered digital assistant. Samsung had bought the artificial intelligence startup earlier in 2016 which is said to have been founded by the makers of Apple’s Siri.

2. iPhone 8

According to reports, the next iPhone is expected to be a major regeneration of the mobile phone line It is speculated to have an organic LED display for high quality images, an all-glass design, new screen sizes, no home button and many more new features. It is also being surmised that the company is working on including built-in augmented reality features for all types of applications but there is a possibility that it does not make it into the next iPhone. Not to forget that 2017 will mark iPhone’s 10th birthday. Therefore, we must expect Apple to do something big to mark the occasion.

3. A smart-watch by Google

Google had delayed the Android Wear Watches’ software update until 2017 and now it is being anticipated that it will introduce its own watch as well. The smart watches will be an opportunity for Google to create new interest into its wearable computers, a domain that has been dominated by the Apple Watch till now.

4. Nintendo Switch

The month of March, 2017 is going to be a big one for Nintendo fans because the exemplary video game company will release its new gaming console- the Nintendo Switch- that works on televisions and doubles as a portable system. This announcement was made by Nintendo in a three-minute video in the fall of 2016 but we won’t come to know of its final details like launch titles and pricing until January, 2017.

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