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first cry

A new baby born in the family and is its baby shower approaching soon?

Are you confused what to gift a kid and struggling to buy baby products in the market?

If your answer is yes to even one of the above questions, this post is meant for you!

A gift card is a stored-value money card that is prepaid and is usually issued by a retailer or bank to be used as a substitute for cash for purchasing within a particular store or brand.

The trend of giving gift cards in India is catching up rapidly due to the convenience, flexibility and wide variety of choices that they provide to the recipient. You should also explore this method of exchanging gifts especially when it comes to kids.

This, in fact, is an amazing idea due to the following reasons:

1. The baby will not be flooded with just baby powder and no tears shampoos but its parents will have the option of buying something else for it depending on the need. That actually would be great if you think about it! Buy FirstCry gift cards at a discount from https://www.sellebrate.in/first-cry

2. If you are thinking of gifting the baby new clothes or shoes, two issues might arise. Firstly, the clothes might not fit well and are smaller or bigger than the correct size. Yes, the bigger ones could be saved for future use but why do so in times when the fashion is constantly changing. Even kids are fashionistas these days! Secondly, your choice might not coincide with the child’s or its parents’ choice. In that case, the clothes or shoes will go waste. Consider buying Shoppers Stop gift cards from Sellebrate.

3. If you want to gift toys to the child and have no clue how to go about it, leave it to the kiddo and its parents only to do the needful. He/she will be the happiest to shop for toys of his/her own choice of favourite one from Hamley’s, the world’s Finest Toy Shop from the United Kingdom! Buy the gift card from Sellebate at a discount!

4. Lastly, what would be better than a gift card in this time of cash crunch in the economy? You get to pay for them online and the recipient too will not have to part with any cash. You could also exchange your old gift cards with new ones from Sellebrate. So hurry; put your unwanted gift cards to use!