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SELLEBRATE, the start of a new way to Celebrate!



How was SELLEBRATE born? How is any brand born for that matter? Let us tell you our side of the story, the brand’s story. In all honesty, it’s easy to dismiss a brand as a mere website, selling products one may or may not need. But what is that secret ingredient that helps a website become that meaningful dotcom that is able to add value to any community ?

Well I am often asked the story of creation of SELLEBRATE. It is a rather interesting story. In short SELLEBRATE was started based on a friendly argument I had with an NRI friend who wouldn’t stop bragging about International markets over the Indian markets, for well everything ! And when Gift Cards were brought up, it left thinking room for making SELLEBRATE happen almost immediately.

Let me share the whole detailed story with you. It takes me back to a few years now. Recently graduated from a B-School and with 14+ years of corporate experience, I was not interested in continuing as part of the corporate ladder. So this one occasion around that time had a big impact on kickstarting the SELLEBRATE journey. I was at an Indian family dinner to celebrate Diwali. Dressed in a nice kurta pyjama, I went for that Diwali dinner just to enjoy the yummy biryani and dal at my cousin’s place. There I met another common friend who was visiting from US. A typical NRI!

Our conversation was a standard one, that of him comparing the two nations and then concluding how one of the two countries was superior than the other. I agreed to some of the things he said but mostly ended up genuinely nodding my head in disagreement and sometimes in utter frustration because of ignorant comparisons. But what I remember most about that conversation is him bringing up the concept of doing away or utilising things you don’t need or want in the US. Gift Cards were also a part of this discussion, something which already interested me as a concept.

This discussion had fuelled my interest and knowledge for Gift Cards and I started thinking about introducing this service in the Indian market. Indians are very generous. We give gifts and receive them way too often. But there was no active system to exchange or sell back our unwanted Gift Cards. Gift cards are equivalent to cash for a specific store so why shouldn’t it be a free commodity ? And this is how the seed for SELLEBRATE was sown.

I nourished this idea and took some time to do my homework. It slowly developed with more ideas and features where one could even buy discounted Gift Cards making it a complete transaction. Today SELLEBRATE is a platform that provides a wholesome experience of buying, selling and exchanging Gift Cards.

The first thing we want you to know about SELLEBRATE is not what we are but what we are not. We are not a benefactor fighting for any big causes. But we do believe in the small ones. Because it’s the small ones that lead to a big one. So we will start will the little things. We believe in the simple joys of life, people sharing happiness and friends bonding over a little something. This belief is the founding stone of SELLEBRATE. The inspiration behind SELLEBRATE came from personal desires and interests in the Gift Card market! We want to introduce a concept to the Indian community that values happiness, humour, relationships and all the good things in life. We are a brand that makes Gifting easy, inexpensive and personalized. In Fact, we make selling your Gift Cards back to us possible. These gift cards could have been purchased by you or Gifted to you by someone. If its unwanted we will make you an exciting offer ! That makes us even better than your aunt, doesn’t it? We are talking about the one who brings you something you don’t like and yet you have to pretend to love your gift. We are the gifting brand you always wanted and we are finally here, for you to see, experience and make your own.

That’s why we are a brand. And that’s how we were born. So I would say my Diwali too turned out to be a #CelebratewithSellebrate one.