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Supriya Story



Hey, I am Supriya. I am the younger one of my parents 2 kids. Yes, I know you are assuming what that means. But, No ! No hand me downs for me ! Growing up, I was often the apple of  the eye for  everyone. I always got gifted brand new things. My aunts would shower me with toys and faux jewellery. My uncles would bring me imported chocolates and branded clothes. Infact, I would like to shamelessly admit that, I grew up a pampered child. I say that not because I threw tantrums but rather because I always received the fanciest gifts. I lived for those iconic dolls and cool clothes but then the inevitable happened! I grew up.

And like most girly girls, I also grew out of love with dolls and pink satin gowns. I suddenly found myself drifting towards the next phase of my life. But it seemed like, only I knew I was growing up, because my relatives’ choices remained the same. They continued to bring me what they thought a 17 year old me would love. Even today, when I am 23 years old, the threat of unwanted and misunderstood gifts still looms. Because for your family, you never grow up.

But the other day, a close aunt bought me something unexpected for my birthday. No dolls or beady bracelets, it was a rather thoughtful gift. It was a Gift Card from one of my favourite Retail brands. I asked her where she got it from and she told me that my uncle had introduced her to SELLEBRATE, a website for buying Gift Cards. I was surprised by a few things that day, first that I hadn’t kept up with such a website and second that she bought me a gift which was so easily Sellable if I didn’t like it. Needless to say, I kept the Gift Card. It was a Gift Card for a makeup Brand and I had just finished my favourite tube of lipstick so it was the perfect gift actually. As it turns out, adults do grow up after all, they just take a little bit longer at it. 😉