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Wedding Gifts, Cash Crunch and Gift Cards


The last couple of days have certainly been eventful. The world’s most powerful country got a new, unexpected president while closer  home, the entire county was panic struck when currency notes were scrapped over night. It was a state of mayhem and some are still recovering from their initial shock. Clearly the latter has affected us intensely however we have to admit, people shopping for Wedding gifts were perhaps the most panic struck. The first question everyone had on their minds was“But how will I buy anything?”

Wedding Gifts from Sellebrate
Gift Cards as wedding gifts

While there was barely any reassurance for the fact that we would be able to buy anything important for the next few days, for some it was an absolute state of emergency. After all, it is the wedding season and even an economic meltdown can’t get in the way of a Big Fat Indian wedding.

Gifting is an activity that ensues throughout the season, and can’t be curbed. Families who are marrying their kids away were perhaps stuck in a predicament. From florists to caterers, everyone demanded cash, but the biggest expenditure was buying wedding gifts for relatives, family and friends.

With the rise in popularity of gift cards, some early adopters wrote to us expressing how gift cards came to their rescue amidst a state of uncertainty. For the first time, the most reliable and liquid asset was of no use.

We saw a spike in people searching for wedding gifts and users flooding our website to buy online gift cards and e gift vouchers. The most popular purchases were for gift cards of electronic brands like Croma and Reliance Digital, followed by purchases of lifestyle brands like Pantaloons and C central.

Make My Trip Gift Cards were also a popular choice among wedding shoppers of the season.

It is encouraging to see that even though the economic stability has steadily come back , shoppers have discovered a means to shop that is different and unique and continue to visit Sellebrate to carry on with their fashion and lifestyle purchases.