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Five Reasons To Sellebrate



It’s that time of the year when food, festivities and shopping are galore.  Not to forget, the Wedding season is officially in full swing. Doesn’t that alone get you excited? Well, we are here to countdown the top 5 reasons we think you should SELLEBRATE this season.

1) You will probably get invited to a wedding – With couples tying the knot left, right and center, you are likely to get more than just one wedding invite this time of the year. The food and the dance floor are of course the best part. But let’s face it, you are always second guessing if your Gift is good enough for the Bride and Groom. So what do you give a couple, that is probably not repeated by somebody else as well? How about a Gift Card instead? It’s as original as it is unique and useful. Even if it’s a repeated it means double the shopping for the married couple !

2) Food and Foooood: ThanksGiving, Christmas, end of year parties means mouth watering Food every day ! This is the best part of this season. But once in a while, the good ol’ pizza and coffee shops are just what we need to catch a break from all that desi food. So why not hit up your nearest Café Coffee Day or Pizza Hut with a discounted Gift Card.

3) Shopping Enthusiasts Everywhere : The malls are busy with shoppers and people doing their share of khareedari. It’s totally exciting but so chaotic. The chaos often gets too much to handle. Your shopping sprees usually end with thinking that maybe online shopping is better after all! Thank god for Sellebrate.in ! Enjoy online shoppings with savings by using Gift Cards 🙂

4) You have a serious case of Wanderlust: You took your last vacation in the summer and it’s been months since you were on a beach or in the valley. To your dismay, your friends won’t stop sharing delicious vacation selfies on Instagram. So what do you do when you really want to travel ? Honestly, we think you know that one already. Yes, you have gotta get yourself a Make My Trip Gift Card and just take that vacation before you get too old !

5) Winter is coming: You didn’t think we would end the list without this one, did you? And no we don’t mean white walkers from your favorite TV show are going to haunt you. We mean the morning breeze is starting to get colder. Its December and before you know it, you must have pair of boots, baggy sweaters and beanie hats. Fashion brands will launch new merchandise but you know how much a new coat can cost. So why not take the load off your pocket with discounted shopping via Gift Cards. Don’t say we didn’t give you a reason to SELLEBRATE 😉