Calligraphy Workshop

Come along with us for an energizing & proficient calligraphy workshop.

 4000 *Per Person
New Delhi
Individual, Group
10 hours
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Experience Description

Calligraphy which truly implies delightful penmanship is a type of human expression through images, planning, stamp making, drawing, painting and creating. Calligraphy is a workmanship and is in extraordinary request. We give this chance to you to take an interest in our calligraphy workshop and take in the excellence of this craftsmanship. Despite the fact that calligraphy covers an enormous territory of study however it is never past the point where it is possible to make a begin. So why not make that begin with our workshop? You will learn Italic, Copperplate, Devnagri, Gothic and Gurumukhi styles of composing.

What's Included:

·         Learn different pen angles and letter weight.

·         Experts will taught you The “O“ formation, number, order and direction of strokes per letter.

·         Participant will learn serifs, slopes, Arches, letter width, Ascenders and Descenders.

·         You will do strokes practice, problems and solution using the Pen.

You should know:

·         Your course classes will be for 5 regular Sundays and every Sunday you will have 2 hours session

·         There will be extra charges for Calligraphy Kit i.e; Rs. 500 and you need to pay for the kit charges at  venue only.

·         Calligraphy kit is mandatory for everyone and you will not allowed to attend the class without this.

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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