Chill Out Ice Lounge

Beat the heat at Chill Out's icy lounge.

 1487 (taxes extra as applicable)
Times Square Center
 CALL US AT +91-8588872919

Experience Description

Set amidst the arid heat of Dubai, Chill Out Lounge offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its subzero temperatures, unique architecture and mouth-watering delicacies. Enter the lounge fully geared and covered for a wintery chill, relax by the lounge area or click pictures with the many decoratives made of ice, glass and steel. Watch the light draw patterns and illuminate the lounge as it filters through the crystal blocks of ice; indulge in this ambience as you sip their signature hot chocolate. 

Apart from this, enjoy a choice of desserts and hot beverages.

Why we love this

What you get

Entry to Chill Out Lounge
Thermal clothing (hooded parka
woollen gloves
shoes and socks)
Hot chocolate/tea

Experience Address

Times Square Center - Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai,


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