Get Ready to be SHER-LOCKED!

 800 *Per Person
New Delhi
Kamla Nagar
Group, Couple
1 hour

We are currently unable to take orders for this experience. Request you to shop after lockdown. Stay Safe, Stay Calm !

Experience Description

Real life escape games get you thinking out of the box as there is no googling the answer! These games are built for team work, cooperation and for people who are up for a fun challenge. Players will be trapped in an ordinary looking room that will gradually unveil its mysteries. You will have 60 minutes inside this room to uncover hidden objects, hunt for clues, crack codes, solve puzzles and find the key to escape the room. A CSE Game-Master will assign you with the mission.

Pick among any of the 2 Real life escape games at the Venue Utilize the instinct of your accomplice, your impulses to beat a testing errand.

Game 1: Murder Mystery

You checked into Norman Bates’ Motel and soon realized you are not going to make it out alive. Your only way out is to solve Norman's first murder.

Game 2: The Taken Soul

You have been held captive on the ship of the dead. Free your soul before the pirates wake up!

What’s Included:

·         Pick any one game among 2.

·         You will get briefing at the venue.

You Should Know:

·         Anything that is not specified is chargeable and mentioned images are just for the reference only.

·         There will be extra charges for any Add-ons.

·         Adult supervision required for children below 12

·         2 to 10 people can play one game.

·         This Experience cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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