4D Racing at Jocose

Enjoy an adrenaline pumping virtual race on a car or a bike

₹ 100
Air Rifle Shooting

Enrol and enjoy an exciting activity of air rifle shooting with proper guidance

₹ 20
An Ace On The Fairways

Experience golfing on a challenging 9-hole course

₹ 999
Angling At Brahmaputra Jungle Resort

Sign up for an exciting session of angling and catch some fishes

₹ 50
Angling In Tirthan Valley

Take a break from the busy life and enjoy the angling activity in Tirthan Valley

₹ 1710

Focus on your target, aim and shoot some arrows in this archery activity

₹ 205

Try your hand at the competitive and recreational sport of archery

₹ 50
Archery At Brahmaputra Resort

Enjoy some free time by trying your hand at the traditional sport of archery

₹ 50
Archery Experience with 2 way transfer

Enjoy this exciting primeval shooting sport with advanced equipment's.

₹ 6463
Archery Workshop Trial Class

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows

₹ 499
Badminton Coaching Class For 1 Hour

Learn the Basic skill and techniques of badminton for 1Hour

₹ 400
Basics Of Mixed Martial Arts

Learn the fabulous techniques of Mixed Martial Arts in our amazing classes

₹ 2000
Beginner Golf Session

Learn all about the sport of golfing from an expert

₹ 1200

Challenge your skills with a wonderful game of Billiards

₹ 200

Learn how to bowl and get on a roll by rolling out the pins

₹ 265
Bumper Ball

Experience a session of Bumper Ball and enjoy 3 fights with your challengers

₹ 250
Crab Catching With BBQ Meal

Enjoy your day with crab catching and savouring its flavour in this unique tour

₹ 980
Crab Hunting In Umm Al Quwain

Discover the thrill of crab hunting at night in Umm Al Quwain

₹ 9029
Cricket Gaming - 60 Balls

Reach an unbeatable score and experience the wonderful game of cricket

₹ 200
Dart Games

Indulge in the excitement of playing dart games at a beautiful resort

₹ 50
Deep Sea Fishing

Sit back and indulge in the leisurely activity of fishing through this activity

₹ 825
Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy deep sea fishing at the vast Arabian Gulf in Dubai. Transfers available.

₹ 13480
Deep Sea Fishing At Great Temple Bay

Enjoy the pleasure of deep sea fishing with your companions during this activity

₹ 875
Deep Sea Fishing Trip with transfers

Get hooked on to fishing in Dubai

₹ 9454
Enjoy A Classy Golf Session

Take part in a basic golf training session along with enjoying a golf session

₹ 1160
Exclusive crab catching trip at a d....

Come and be a part of this thrilling activity of crab catching in Goa

₹ 950
Experience Fishing At Sundergram

Enjoy catching Mrigel, Rohu, Katla, Mourala and other fishes at Sundergram

₹ 675
Fill Up Your Quiver

Try your hand at archery with this interesting indoor activity

₹ 100
Fishing Or Angling At River Beas

Join us for an angling trip on the gushing waters of River Beas and its streams

₹ 2000
Fishing Trout

Have quality time with your family, indulge in fishing for Trouts at the Beas

₹ 2000