Cricket town at downtown esselworld

The ultimate virtual experience for cricket fans

₹ 230
Gaming at downtown esselworld

Enter the battle field with laser phasers and valour

₹ 150
Gaming at downtown esselworld

Chill in the icy embrace of the snow zone

₹ 310

Grab the opportunity to spend the day learning karate

₹ 500
2 bug's life

Experience the challenging life of a Bug in this 4D gaming zone

₹ 100
50 minutes golf lesson, dubai creek....

No matter what your level is, the Dubai Creek Golf Academy is the perfect place

₹ 7958
A package of five games.

Enjoy Five Thrilling Games

₹ 750
Air rifle shooting

Enrol and enjoy an exciting activity of air rifle shooting with proper guidance

₹ 20
An ace on the fairways

Experience golfing on a challenging 9-hole course

₹ 999
Angling at brahmaputra jungle resort

Sign up for an exciting session of angling and catch some fishes

₹ 50
Angling in tirthan valley

Enjoy a wonderful break by enjoying angling activity in the Tirthan Valley

₹ 1710
Arcade game at oh my game

Play an arcade game of your choice from a wide selection

₹ 399

Focus on your target, aim and shoot some arrows in this archery activity

₹ 205

Try your hand at the competitive and recreational sport of archery

₹ 50
Archery at brahmaputra resort

Enjoy some free time by trying your hand at the traditional sport of archery

₹ 50
Archery experience with 2 way transfer

Enjoy this exciting primeval shooting sport with advanced equipment's.

₹ 6190
Archery in eco park - 15 minutes

Particpate and prepare to become relentless through a workshop in archery

₹ 50
Archery workshop trial class

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows

₹ 499
Badminton coaching class for 1 hour

Learn the Basic skill and techniques of badminton for 1Hour

₹ 400
Balloon shooting

Gather your nerves as you engage in a session of shooting your targets down

₹ 205
Basic football skills - 1 hour

Learn and practice the basic football skills to become an avid football player

₹ 550
Basics of mixed martial arts

Learn the fabulous techniques of Mixed Martial Arts in our amazing classes

₹ 2000
Beginner golf session

Learn all about the sport of golfing from an expert

₹ 1200

Challenge your skills with a wonderful game of Billiards

₹ 200

Learn how to bowl and get on a roll by rolling out the pins

₹ 265
Bumper ball

Experience a session of Bumper Ball and enjoy 3 fights with your challengers

₹ 250
Chase on a snowy track

Rider on a bike chases to the finish line on a snowy track

₹ 100
Clear blue waters

Splish, splash and waddle all day in a beautiful swimming pool

₹ 879
Cosmos golf indoor simulator

Golf like you've never experienced before

₹ 500
Crab catching with bbq meal

Enjoy your day with crab catching and savouring its flavour in this unique tour

₹ 980