Handwriting Workshop

Get a neat and beautiful handwriting with our Handwriting Improvement Course

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3 months
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Experience Description

Handwriting reflects personality. A good handwriting is a symbol of a good state of mind. Besides, good handwriting is also necessary to write neatly and legibly in examinations and other important places. However, this important aspect has been neglected in our school curriculum. We bring to you an opportunity to take part in our handwriting course and do away with your regret of having a bad handwriting. We conduct classes in small groups and of short duration. Our course also invites foreign tourists in addition to local students from various parts of the country. Our methods are easy and we focus on practice. People of all age can come and be a part of this course. 

What's Included:

·         First your Handwriting will be diagnosed by Professionals.

·         Experts will explain you how to make correct formation of letters.

·         You will learn different curves, letters, letter height, line angles, spacing etc.

·         Proper assistance will be provided by experts.

You should know:

·         There will be extra charges for Handwriting Improvement Course kit i.e; Rs. 500 and you need to pay kit charges at the venue only.

·         Handwriting Improvement kit is mandatory for everyone and you will not allowed to attend the class without this.

·         Age limit: 10 years to 50 years.

·         Minimum group size of one class will be 20 students.

·         Every Sunday you will have 2 hours for 3 months.

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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