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We will help you achieve your fitness goals with Healthy Pnut.

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Experience Description

What if you get your meals according to your schedule and suited to your health? Health Box will become your partner to a healthier life by sending you meals according to your needs and requirements. You can decide the number of meals you want in a day and the calories your meal should contain. You can have up to 300-500Kcals with up to 35g of natural protein. Health Box is ideal for weight loss, muscle gaining and is suitable for corporate, executives and working class people. Delivery is available only in Gurgaon.

What's Included:

·         End to end nutrition to achieve your fitness goal.

·         As per your requirement 5 boxes will be delivered only Monday to Friday only

·         Customized to your fitness goals.

·         You can make your own box.

You should know:

·         Weight loss, muscle gaining, & maintaining healthy lifestyle.

·         Corporates, executives, and working class people who are pressed for time.

·         Meals can be deliver anywhere in Gurgaon.

·         Booking will depend upon subject to availability and you will get the confirmation via email.

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