Kickbox Session

Burn calories and gain flexibility and strength with kickboxing.

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Sector 14
60 minutes
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Experience Description

Burn up to 800 calories in a high intensity kick boxing session. The rigorous workout session will be highly beneficial for your physical fitness. Skills required for martial arts will be taught to you including controlled punching and kicking movements. It will equip you with the knowledge of self defence besides improving balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. The focus of the session will be on your overall fitness including strength and stamina.     

What's Included: 

·         Undergo a 60 minutes session of high intensity workout.

·         Burn up to 800 calories per workout session.

·         Learn kickboxing with the help of highly trained professionals.

·         Feel the adrenaline rush as you carry out kick movements.

You should know:

·         Participant should be medically fit to undertake rigorous physical activity.

·         Participant should not have a criminal record or a pending criminal case.

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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