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Experience Description

Have you ever wanted to spot one of those amazing dancing lights in the sky, the famous Aurora Borealis? If you're traveling to Iceland, be sure to go on a Northern Light hunt on a boat!

Combine a refreshing boat tour and a unique Northern Light hunt. Join this amazing boat tour for a mysterious trip on a dark winter night. The season for Northern Lights in Iceland extends from the tail end of the summer from September through winter and well into April. The best time to see Northern Lights is in the middle of winter when the weather is the coldest and when it is the darkest. Crisp cold evenings with skies clear enough to see stars is a prime indicator for one of nature’s most spectacular displays; the Northern Lights.

Sail away from the coastline of Reykjavik and see the aurora borealis out on the North-Atlantic ocean. The view of the Northern Lights against the beautiful mountains and city lights will give you a memory of Iceland that you will never forget. No distraction, no lights from the city, just the quiet waters of the ocean and the sky to spot the elusive Northern Lights.

With the commentary of an expert guide you will learn about the science and the folklore of the magical light show. The trip will be made more enjoyable by complimentary hot drinks and warm overalls, to keep you cosy while gazing at the night sky.

Your tour guides are committed to give the best possible experience, so the trip is subject to the right weather conditions. When it is too windy on the sea, the tour will be conducted through private buses. Your ticket will remain valid to go out on the boat tour on the next suitable day.

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What you get

Guided boat tour
Warm overalls
Wireless internet on board
Cafe and souvenir shop
WCs on board

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Aegisgardur 13, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland,


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