The Green Planet

Experience a tropical rainforest in a man-made ecosystem.

 2047 (taxes extra as applicable)
City Walk - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
 CALL US AT +91-9205233234

Experience Description

Green Planet is a tropical forest constructed in a biodome, with world's oldest living ecosystems within. Explore, experience and interact with over 3000 plants, trees and animals spread across four levels. While the basement, known as the 'Flooded Rainforest' houses rare fauna living in a wet, flooded environment with rivers and streams running by; the first floor or the Forest Floor features a humid and dim enclosure with Leaf Cutter Ants and Sugar Gliders. The next two levels called the Midstory and the canopy, replicate the top layer of rainforests - the middle comprising of trees with large leaves, and the roof where artificial sunlight and rain are diffused regularly.

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The Green Planet Dubai, City Walk - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates,


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