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Try chimney climbing, rock climbing, rappelling & ziplining.

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Patel Nagar
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Experience Description

Chimneys are fissures in cliffs which are wide enough to fit one's body. The width of the chimneys will vary offering the climbers new challenges along the way. Rock climbing is another equally exciting activity where the participants climb up the rocks,a test to their endurance and  strength. Try Rappelling which is a way of climbing down the rocks in a controlled manner, with the help of a rope.And if these aren't enough to get one's adrenaline pumping, go ziplining which is an adventurous and thrilling activity performed with the help of a pulley on a strong wire. 

The group will be accompanied by a certified instructor and guide at all times.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Why we love this

What you get

Drinking water
Equipment - ropes

Experience Address

Camp Sierra, 36/17, West Patel Nagar,

New Delhi

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