Chew-Chew Train

Imaginative method for eating for children!

Price:   1650

Product Description

The Chew-Chew Train is an incredible approach to ensure your children eat their whole supper. This Chew-Chew Train changes from a train into a useful Meal set. The train engine turns into the container, the conductor's home turns into a bowl, the train’s platform turns into the plate and the coupling poles turn into the fork and spoon. Keep your children engaged while they eat their suppers. Gone are the times of not playing with your sustenance.

What's Included:

·         Train-shaped place setting measures approximately 8-2/3 by 19 by 8-2/3 inches.

·         Durable construction; rectangular plate with spill-resistant side rims.

·         Shallow tray and lidded compartment for side dishes and desserts.

·         Pieces clean easily; assembles back into train for compact storage.

You should know:

·         We will send you an email with tentative delivery date as per order location.

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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