Cello Atom Electric Lunch Box

Price:   999

Product Description

Like eating hot and fresh meal? Are you compromising to eat hot and fresh meal due to lack of means to heat your food? It's time to stop compromising as, Cello introduces electric lunch box that that serves all your need and allows you to enjoy your meal with convenience without wasting much efforts and time. Atom electric lunch box is an innovative product from the Cello plug eat range. Enjoy hot, home cooked meal even when you are not at home. Cello Atom is an electrical appliance that is designed to warm up your food anytime and anywhere. Your food is heated to just the right temperature giving your food that just cooked taste and feel. Without cooking or over cooking. This is achieved by specially designed heater and thermo stat that efficiently heats and controls the food temperature. The Atom electric lunch box is made of plastic that includes 2 stainless steel containers that allows you to carry complete meal. The inner lids of the lunch of the lunch box is leak resistant. It has an intelligent plug-in feature which allows you plug the tiffin at your desk or wherever you are to give you hot food. It works 15 watts power to heat the food. The lunch box is equipped with a special designed neon light indicator that informs you whether the heating process is on or off. The lunch box is made of BPA free and food grade material assures that there is no compromise on the quality. Cleaning Instructions: Do not immerse your Atom electric lunch box in water. Before attempting to clean, please ensure that the unit is discontinued from the mains supply and the power cord is detached at both ends. For cleaning the plastic outer body and inner cavity wipe gently with a sponge soaked in mild soap solution. Thereafter with a sponge a cloth dipped in clean water, remove soap suds. Finally, wipe dry with clean soft cloth. The lid and the stainless steel food containers can be washed just like your regular utensils. Use only mild liquid soap solutions for cleaning.

What’s Included:

·         BPA Free,100% Food Grade Material

·         Compact lunch box with handy design with 2 Containers and Power Cable Box Inside

·         Unique, state of the art ECOTEC temperature regulating heating System, for efficient, Long Lasting service. Operates on Normal Domestic AC Supply

·         Leak Resistant Inner Lids, Epoxy Coated Heating Base

·         Cleaning Instructions: Clean Containers with Mild Soapy Water

You should know:

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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