Tea Chest 60 Teabags - Only Leaf

Price:   1699

Product Description

This chest holds 6 of Only Leaf’s exotic green tea blends. These teas have been created by master blenders with utmost flair and are truly special. All-natural ingredients from the best sources meet some of the finest whole leaf green teas of the country, making this chest an extraordinary collection.

Inside The Box:

6 variants of 10 teabags each, Total - 60 teabags.

What’s Included:

·         Hibiscus Cinnamon Clove Green

·         Chamomile Green

·         Jasmine Green

·         Dandelion Green

·         Organic Green

·         Tumeric Ginger Tulsi Green

You should know:

·         Booking requests will be subject to availability and we will send an email for booking confirmation.

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