Particle Board Surface Tiltable Footrest

This footrest makes an excellent addition to any working setup.

Price:   3175

Product Description

Having happy feet is the footrest way with the ergo-comfort adjust footrests! With two choices of platform height, including a Standard model(95mm/3.7”) Higher model (150mm/5.9”), this adjustable footrest elevates feet, improves circulation and allows shoulders to relax backward naturally. The easy-glide design improves circulation by allowing repositioning of legs and feet while the footrest is in use. Tilt angle slides easily to any position that is comfortable for individual users. This footrest makes an excellent addition to any office, cubicle, reception desk or to any other chair.

Key Specifications:

·         Tilting Platform: allows for optimum comfort

·         Eco-Friendly Particle Board: features heavy-duty and moisture resistance (TSCA Title VI compliant)

·         Rubber Pads: prevent slippery and floor-scratching

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