Compact Manual Sit-Stand Desk Frame with Square Column

The manual sit-stand desk is fully customizable to most compact working areas

Price:   19000

Product Description

Its ample width adjustment fits for the desktops with the width from 1000-1600mm (39.4"-63.0"). The height adjustment accommodates most users and encourages the users to develop a healthy sit-stand habit. A foldable handle can be hidden safely out of the way when not in use. And a solid standard column construction keeps the desk stable while height adjusting. Everything is packed into a single box for saving shipping and warehousing costs.

  • Foldable Handle: prevents interference between you and the desk
  • Adjustable Width: fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
  • Adjustable Height: offers maximum comfort and adaptability to multiple requirements
  • Adjustable Feet: level and adapt to most any floor surface
  • Desktop Customization: choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color

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