SONY WH-CH510 Wireless Headphone

Made for life on the move, the WH-CH510 headphones have a lightweight design

Price:   3300

Product Description

A nicely fitted pair of over-ear headphones that covers your whole ear is just incredibly comfortable. They also generally benefit from much larger drivers. By resting on your ears, headphones also give your ears more room to breathe – making for better width and sound stage in the final mix.

The sound that these headphones output is of top-notch quality in terms of accuracy and enjoyability. With a defined bass and a treble that does not overpower the mids, these headphones give you a fully-balanced audio experience.

The headband feels nice on your head and it nicely adjustable. It sits tight enough on the head so the headphones stay secure on your head even when you move your head.

Key Specifications:

·         Wireless Connectivity

·         Lightweight design

·         Up to 35 hours of battery life

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