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Foxin FWE-100 Beat Sports Neckband

Premium and enhanced wireless audio experience at work or leisure

Price:   1068
Save:  ₹ 683 (39%)

Product Description

Foxin brings to you a reliable Sports Bluetooth Neckband Earphones FWE-100 BEAT that offers better comfort along with longer talk time. You can now have a premium and enhanced wireless audio experience at work or leisure, be it professional communication or activities like gaming, video, and music. It replaces the cable with a short-range wireless connection within a distance of 10 m, so your hands are free. Bluetooth V5.0 with an advanced chipset and strong connectivity allows for high fidelity, clear, noise-free calls and excellent signal quality. It assures you do not miss any bit of the conversation while experiencing high-definition sound quality at both ends of the call.

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