Krakow private vodka tasting tour

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Mały Rynek 4, 33-332 Krakow, Poland
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Experience Description

During the tour you will get many information about Polish vodka, history and culture of Poland and the city. The guide will teach you how to drink vodka in the Polish tradition and tell you about the occasions in which the Poles drink vodka and why it is said to be the national drink. You will hear about Polish traditions during weddings, family events and meetings with friends.

All places are carefully chosen to show you various atmospheres that reflect different periods of Polish culture. The guide will help you to understand Polish culture and customs. You will try many types of vodka produced in Poland and made from grains and potatoes. Discover which Polish vodkas are the best or indeed if they have any flavor at all. Learn how vodka is produced, and whether vodka was invented in Poland or Russia.

We have prepared for you a great composition of Polish vodkas, which you will drink during the tour:

  • Traditional white vodka
  • Grass vodka
  • Hazelnut vodka
  • Fancy shot
  • Tincture vodka
  • Flaming shot
  • Potato Vodka

During your tour, you will also be treated to Polish appetizers. Each venue you visit will provide a different experience, including a different atmosphere and selection of vodkas.

Why we love this

What you get

7 great shots of Polish vodka
A platter of traditional Polish snacks and appetizers
Private Vodka Tour led by Licensed Guide speaking in selected foreign language
Shot of the legendary Baczewski Vodka
Information about Polish history
customs and traditions

Experience Address

Mały Rynek 4, 33-332 Krakow, Poland,