A reinvigorating balinese massage

Enjoy balinese massage in Goa

₹ 2200
Abhyanga steam bath

Rejuvenate and relax your tired body and mind with Abhyanga steam bath

₹ 1350
Balinese body massage

Be part of this rejuvinating massage at Waterleaf Salon and Wellness

₹ 3000
Balinese body massage at neomis spa

Treat yourself to an exotic Balinese body massage at one of Calangute's top spas

₹ 2160
Balinese massage at porvorim

Inspirit your tired body and soul with this rejuvenating massage

₹ 2519
Spotlight on a Big Screen in a Gold....

Transform a normal Movie day into an unprecedented day for your loved ones.

₹ 8000
A massage from head to toe

Get ready for a full body Ayurvedic massage

₹ 1800
A relaxing deep tissue massage

Enjoy Deep tissue massage in Goa

₹ 2200
A soothing swedish massage

Experience an effective Swedish massage and enjoy a stress-free self

₹ 2300
Abhyanga ayurvedic whole body massa....

Take a break from busy schedule and try this treatment to relax yourself

₹ 1800
Abhyanga body massage

Rejuvenate yourself with Abhyanga body massage

₹ 2120
Abhyanga body massage

Relax your mind, body and soul with an Abhyanga massage session

₹ 3000
Abhyanga whole body massage

Take a break from busy schedule and try this treatment to relax yourself

₹ 1800
Abhyangam (special herbal massage) ....

This relaxing & refreshing full body massage is a masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda

₹ 2070
Abhyangam ayurveda massage

Rejuvenate yourself and cleanse your system with this healing massage

₹ 1000
Abhyangam ayurvedic oil massage

Heal your body and mind with therapeutic Ayurveda

₹ 3105
Abhyangam body massage

Enjoy Abhyangam body massage @ Estuary island resort ayurveda nilayam

₹ 1980
Abhyangam relaxation

Relax with Abhyangam massage for 45 min

₹ 1900
Abhyangam with mukhalepanam

A unique beauty treatment which gives immense glow and relaxation as well

₹ 2500
Abhyangam with potli massage

Abhyangam with Potli massage that relaxes body and cures aches

₹ 3300
Abhyangam with sirodhara

Luxurious therapy that calms down both mind and body

₹ 3500
Adam and eve couples massage

Let relaxation rejuvenate your soul in this amazing couple massage session

₹ 2350
Adrenaline balancing massage

Balance the adrenaline flow in your body with our adrenaline regulating massage

₹ 2049
Aerobics workout session - 1 hour

Stay healthy with fun-filled rhythmic physical fitness regime - Aerobics

₹ 599
Amaltas spa

Rejuvenate yourself with aroma massage therapy

₹ 2999
Anantara signature massage

Come be part of this one hour massage session & improve blood circulation

₹ 10611
Anxiety freeing massage therapy

Enjoy a rejuvenating massage and get rid of the anxiety and stress of daily life

₹ 2049
Anxiety releasing massage experience

Get rid of anxiety and tension with this anxiety releasing massage.

₹ 2049
Anxiety relieving massage

Massage therapy focussed on various pressure points to relieve anxiety

₹ 2049
Anxiety relieving massage, bhandark....

Overcome your restlessness with this refreshing anxiety-relieving massage

₹ 1549