Reusable Face Mask (Pack of 10)

Mask helps to filter out 99 percent of pollutants and toxins.

₹ 500
Infrared Thermometer

Designed Hospital Grade Accuracy in house or workplace .The forehead temperature thermometer equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision infrared sensor for accuracy and reliability. Recommended by medical experts follow

₹ 2950
Protective Eyeglasses (Pack of 10)

Effective Protection: The high-quality PC material for effective protection.

₹ 600
Protective Chemical Splash Eyeglass....

Protective Chemical Splash Eyeglasses, worn to help protect eyes

₹ 1200
PPE Full Body Kit (90Gsm)

PPE kit fabric on the front and the comfort, softness and breath-ability

₹ 1150
PPE Full Body Kit (60Gsm)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specialized clothing

₹ 550
Protective Safety Shield (Pack of 10)

Portronics safety shield water and dust resistant, disposable, easy to clean

₹ 700
N95 Face Mask (Pack of 5)

N95 particulate respirator for environments containing certain non-oil based

₹ 700
Latex Border Free Non Sterile Glove....

Latex border free non sterile gloves protect against bloodborne pathogens

₹ 600
KN95 Face Mask (Pack of 5)

KN95 Face Mask built-in sponge strip device.

₹ 1150
Fit Go Infrared Thermometer

Emissivity describes the energy-emitting characteristics of materials

₹ 3800
Sanitizer 500ml (Pack of 2)

The first of its kind, Cityware hand sanitizer is an effective, herbal,

₹ 450
Sanitizer 200ml (Pack of 3)

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99. 9% of germs, prevents infection

₹ 285
Sanitizer 1000ml

The first of its kind, City ware hand sanitizer is an effective, herbal,

₹ 425
3 Ply Face Mask (Pack of 100 )

Disposable Masks suitable for all purpose like home/construction/painting/pollution.

₹ 855
Customized Tea Box Set with Cup

Aqua Gift Set is great as a gift which includes teas made with premium ingredients.

₹ 1499
Eco Friendly Cork Dairy with pen , ....

The Eco-friendly diary is fabricated from cork and finely finished to attain a scratch proof texture on the surface.

₹ 500
Hot and Cold Face Lifting Ultrasoni....

Innovative Facial Massager with unique hot and cold vibration mode

₹ 1199
Wine Glasses Set

Fulfilling Your Dinning Experience.

₹ 700
Organic Instant Gravy Premixes

Enjoy hassle-free cooking with instant gravy premixes.

₹ 699
Sweet & Spicy Roasted Nut Jar

salty and spicy roasted Almonds and cashews Jars to gift this Diwali

₹ 1100
Luxury Gift for your loved ones

Perfect gifting option

₹ 2950
Crunchy Cookies

Handmade Delicious Chocochip Cookies that guarantee to Delight.

₹ 600
Chocolate Box

Rakhi is the thread that binds two souls in a bond of joy forever.

₹ 750
I - Box Release

Boost the power of your Amazon Echo Dot Generation 3 with the i-box Release. Simply place your Amazon Echo Dot on top, plug in the connectors and you’re good to go.

₹ 3500
Echo Dot Docking Station

Take your Amazon Echo Dot anywhere with the i-box Run, a portable battery base for Amazon Echo Dot.Simply place your Amazon Echo Dot inside, plug in the connectors and you’re good to go.

₹ 2500
Floral Exotica - Teabox

₹ 699
Varietea - Teabox

₹ 599