Ziplining In Bhukandi

Get an adrenaline rush by Ziplining over the mighty Ganges in Rishikesh

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Experience Description

Rishikesh is a heavenly place situated in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand. It is known as “Gateway to the Gharwal Himalayas”. Zip-lining is one of the most popular sports in Rishikesh. It is a concept where a pulley is suspended to a cable which would be mounted on a slope. The rider goes from top to bottom with a handle on the pulley and another cable which attaches him to the cable, so that he/she is safe. This activity will go on till 15 minutes and you can zip-line up to 60 meters. This is something which everyone should experience in their life. In this session, you will zip-line across the mighty river Ganges with a system that is safe to ride on. You will experience an adrenaline rush like never before. Come and experience an exhilarating experience by zip-lining here.

Why we love this

Experience one of the wildest adrenaline rushes you've ever had
in this zip-lining session
Zip-line through the breath-taking Ganges and experience a view which you can never forget in your life
The zip-lining system here consists of extremely safe equipment so that you can fully enjoy this session

What you get

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Experience Address

Eco Wild Camps Rajaji, Bhukandi, Gohari Range, Rajaji National Park,