About Us


We dream and therefore, we are.

Our Vision – To be the Integrated Social Gifting & Experiences Platform, enabling a new way of Sellebration for everyone!

Our Mission – To redefine the Gifting Story by offering Unique Gift Experiences & Rewards. To create a Universally accepted Gift Card through our Unique Exchange Platform

Experiences – Sellebrate.in offers a brand-new form of Gifting – Experiences. This is a very personal gift for pampering yourself or your loved family and friends. We believe there are exactly as many special occasions in life as we chose to celebrate. Let’s bundle each one with Unique Experiences and make them Memories. Be it anyone in the company or your personal circle, we bring together whole set of new experiences each time enabling people engagement to next level.

Rewards - Sellebrate’s Reward and Recognition platform – HiFives, enables employers to bring all their Awards, Gifting and Recognition needs in one organised platform. The HR and management is empowered to allocate budgets, configure multiple awards, certificates and view reports of all transactions within the organisation. The employees get a social recognition platform to view their own achievements and recognize and appreciate their colleagues. The employees also get a single catalog with numerous options to redeem their points to something valuable and personal to them. This gives a 360 degree enablement of Employee Engagement.

Gifting – Sellebrate.in is India’s first of a kind initiative that allows you to sell your unused Gift Cards for cash and buy your favorite Gift Card at fabulous discount! After all, happiness lies in little things, like shopping discounted Gift Cards across multiple categories like apparel, sports, entertainment and food, to travel and more!

Sellebrate.in provides you a one-stop solution to hassle-free shopping for all your Gift Card needs with an added advantage of gaining a profit too. We put the purchase power back into the hands of the consumer.

Did that excite you? Because we are quite obsessed, already!

We strive to change the usual way of shopping and welcome you to be a part of our exciting endeavor. Let’s Sellebrate together!

Who We Are?

One of you! We like to create experiences which we would love to remember and save each penny earned by finding ways to do that and moreover love to share those ways with everyone.

Sellebrate.in came into existence the day we answered the question: How to make the unused Gift Cards worthy? How can we easily buy at a Gift Card at high discounted price? How do we differentiate Gifting? How can we stop the trend of giving “Products” but bring the world of “Experiences” together? How do we bring in Social Recognition and a Gifting platform within Corporates?

We believe, “gift a gift that cannot be gifted away”. Join us on the new way of “Sellebration”!